a fresh brand + website for a new climate action company

Finding, funding and creating climate solutions.

Invert is a company mainstreaming climate action on the corporate and individual level, through nature and tech based decarbonized efforts. Through their brand messaging and visual identity, we helped  Invert communicate uniqueness and credibility in a nascent, increasingly crowded industry.


Through our discovery session we uncovered how people emotionally relate to climate change; what gets people angry, excited, apathetic about it? We analyzed the competition to hone in on what makes Invert’s offering unique. The resulting brand messaging captures strategies to grab, and keep, the attention of their diverse audiences.


To succeed at their mission, Invert identified there was room to improve the  consistency, distinction and emotion in their visual brand. We came back with solid yet flexible visual brand guidelines, dynamic logo applications and photography treatment concepts that lend the brand a trustworthy, approachable feel.


Invert offers corporate and personal climate action solutions through a variety of products. Initially, they managed this through self-selecting either “business” or “individual” upon entering the site. We worked together to craft a solution where all of their products could be displayed without competing. In this solution, you get an at-a-glance picture of all that they do, no matter what you arrived on the site for.


Visually, we infuse the site with the updated brand aesthetic, furthering consistency across the entire brand platform. The design is clean and uncluttered with a balanced layout, avoiding excessive use of graphics or distracting elements to help with the overall accessibility—the site effectively works to build trust with partners and facilitate business relationships.

You have to work with BOLD LIP! Amazing quality work, fantastic people you enjoy working with, and a well thought out strategy you can feel good about.

Steph Dewar
Marketing Communications Manager, Invert