a fresh website for every season

Canada’s biggest agri-tourism destination, with many businesses under one banner.

Saunders Farm offers weddings, school trips, camp, retail, holiday celebrations and a cidery. They needed a hardworking website that's easy for customers to navigate, and even easier for the team to update.


Our first juicy challenge was reimagining a more user-friendly site experience. We knew most users visit the site to purchase tickets, and do so on mobile, so we needed to ensure that the site’s menus and navigation were consistent and accessible.

To keep the project manageable, we developed modules for different types of content, and seasonal, product-based templates that replicated the same flow each time. With this level of consistency, the Saunders team is able to find, swap and update modules and templates with ease as their offerings grow and change.


Setting foot on the grounds at Saunders Farm, you instantly feel welcomed and taken care of. We wanted to evoke that same feeling on the site, taking opportunities to be playful, while still ensuring that the language was straightforward and easy to understand.

BOLD LIP has provided exceptional service and inspiration as we expand and grow our new Cider company and established Farm attraction.

Mark Saunders
Owner, Saunders Farm