polishing up an edible brand for the Canadian market

The popular US cannabis edibles brand Gems needed a makeover for Canadian audiences before its national distribution.

This meant bringing lifestyle imagery and messaging into a more compliant tone. Our refreshed concept helps Jewels to communicate to its audience: cannabis-loving women who are so over stigma and want an easy microdose on a hectic day.


We began with the insight that the uniquely small THC content of this product was its differentiator and built on why this was beneficial: it’s discreet, it’s buildable and it won’t get in the way of your plans.

We positioned the product as a tool that helps people stay on top of their busy lives, crafting the brand line "Micro-manage your day" to clearly communicate the product benefit of micro-dosing to their audience.


We built out a “fiercely fem” concept to create a visually captivating identity for Jewels that unapologetically speaks to women. We utilized soft shapes, saturated, flirty colours and bold type treatments to create an unmissable brand identity that resonates with their audience of social, active and vibrant cannabis consumers.


In harmony with the visual identity and updated brand message, our team designed a compelling brand video for use in-store and on social platforms. We animated bold shapes and typographic elements to make the 2D text come to life in a fun, dynamic way that captivates in-store shoppers.


As anyone who has set foot in a cannabis retail store knows, it’s a busy environment. Without packaging on shelves, brands do their best to stand out by developing trade assets that retailers like and will want to use. We helped Jewels make an impact with well-designed motion graphics that show off the delicious gummies tucked inside its gorgeous packaging.

It’s always a pleasure to work with BOLD LIP on projects of all scopes. Their collective creative brainpower has helped us get out of a design rut more than once.

Leah Thiel
Former Vice-President of Marketing, Indiva