marketing for women, travelling for womankind

A women’s travel company that supports businesses and charities around the world.

Sororal’s goal at launch was to bring a memorable brand to market that captured their unique value and inspired confidence in travellers. We delivered a brand story and visual identity that is elevated and unique from their competitors, with launch comms and social media assets to build awareness and preference.


To capture the elevated yet approachable nature of what Sororal brings to the table, we created a colour palette that celebrated the diversity of women, as well as their destinations.

The contrast of neutrals against bright vibrant tones stands out against competitors which tend to lean earthy or neon. With an emphasis on layout and plenty of whitespace for the content to shine, the resulting product is authentic, mature, modern, and editorialized.


When it came to the tone of voice, nuance was everything. We crafted clear, elegant  language around their values, objectives and process to strengthen their brand integrity.

Based on the insight that women are most compelled by one another’s testimony, and would likely want to bring a friendly face along (especially where shared accommodations are concerned), we built behaviours, intended funnel and psychographic information for each audience personas, but also captured which other personas they were most likely to refer or bring along.


In photography selection, logo creation and iconography ideation, we wanted to celebrate natural beauty. Of the world, of women, and of femininity. We use organic shapes, diverse subjects and rugged textures to make the subject matter feel tangible and irresistible.


With our persona insights and values aligned, we collaborated with Sororal to develop the education pieces that could provide evergreen insight into the brand, answer questions and manage concerns of travellers at the awareness stage.

For those considering a trip more seriously, we devised a communication strategy that guides the purchase from “add to cart” to the arrivals gate at their destination, with timely email updates to build connection and excitement along the way.

Working with BOLD LIP was such a positive experience—collaborative, professional, genuine, creative (and fun!). Joanne and Taralyn are inspired leaders in their field and have built an fab team. If Sororal resonates with you, it’s likely thanks to the magic of BOLD LIP’s wordsmithing and visionary branding.

Linsey Sherman-Zekulin
Co-Founder, Sororal