trippy rebrand + website for grounded ambitions

The pre-eminent psychedelic media and practitioner training platform.

Psychedelics Today aims to advance diverse perspectives and build credibility on topics of healthcare, policy and wellness. We built them a web presence and brand identity that befits their impact, reach and potential.


Credibility in the transforming psychedelic landscape means demonstrating professionalism while also communicating a degree of flexibility and edginess. We tightened up their logo, gradients and colours to ensure accessibility and consistency across all channels. We established photography guidelines to support their paradigm-shifting content, adding visual cohesion to their platform and social media presence.


When it came to the website, attention to detail and simplicity of journey were key in our recommendations. To present modernity and innovation as a value, the site experience needed to be intuitive and intelligent. Their new site now seamlessly houses their content, education, media and merchandise.

The BOLD LIP team is exhaustive in their exploration, attentive to all small details, listen closely to our team’s needs, highly intuitive, nimble and exceptionally creative.

Victoria Dekker
Director of Corporate Communications, Psychedelics Today