bringing learning to life with a clean, compelling video

Capturing the limited time, attention, and resources of teachers is no easy feat.

Sprig Learning is an evidence-driven digital student assessment and support platform with a focus on literacy, math, and indigenous language revitalization for children in K-3. They needed brand messaging that made their benefits easy to understand, and hard to ignore.


As the product portfolio evolved and different messaging strategies were tested, the organization’s needs and the effectiveness of their comms in-market were evolving. Looking to de-emphasize the need for referral-won sales, we set about closing the gaps in their audience’s understanding.

We honed in on audience personas, identifying the emotional benefits of the brand portfolio as a support system, and updated brand messaging to communicate this value succinctly through channels and at times of year that will yield the most attention and conversion.


We recommended an explainer video with twofold reasoning. First, it adds emotional equity to see real children interacting with the platform and adds an organic opportunity to show in situ imagery of the platform in use.

We supported scriptwriting, creative direction of the set and wardrobe, and some of the most adorable talent management ever.

BOLD LIP brought a completely professional experience. We were super pleased with the process and the result.

Jarrett Laughlin
CEO + Founder, Sprig Learning