An approachable yet premium brand for a revolutionary reno company.

Home renovations are meant to improve our lives, but often cause unforeseen stress and expense.

As a contractor, founder Aaron found that most home renovators didn’t want a totally bespoke bathroom; they wanted a beautifully functional space and a predictable budget and timeline. Leveraging his expertise with co-founder Amy's business acumen, they introduced a revolutionary concept: pre-set bathroom designs delivered in contractor-friendly packaging. BOLD LIP crafted a brand strategy and visual identity that resonates with homeowners seeking simplicity and quality.

Brand Strategy + Messaging

Through a collaborative BOLD session, we gained insights into TUBCo’s brand, audience, and industry landscape. We crafted messaging that encapsulates the brand's unique value proposition of simplicity, quality, and convenience. Our tone, developed in tandem with the brand, strikes a balance between being direct, supportive, and savvy, establishing a genuine connection with consumers while conveying authority and expertise in the industry. The language developed in these early concepting conversations rings true still and is used on the company’s website to drive awareness and sales.

Visual Identity

From logo creation to typeface and colour palette selection, we crafted a visual identity that conveyed trustworthiness and approachability while maintaining a touch of sophistication. Through clean and simple design elements, we ensured that The Unoriginal Bathroom Company's brand stands out in a cluttered market, attracting investors and consumers alike.

So much love for the team at BOLD LIP and especially Joanne Gallop and Taralyn Carver, RGD for your ongoing support. Thank you, for taking what was jumbled in my head and decoding it so perfectly.

Amy Wasserman
CEO + Cofounder, The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.