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CADTH, is an independent organization focused on healthcare decision-making.

We collaborated to enhance their annual Symposium event through the development of a comprehensive range of branded elements. The motion reel, static screens, and comprehensive print assets we crafted helped CADTH create a cohesive and immersive event without sweating the details.


We developed a visual identity that was ownable to this year’s symposium, while still on-brand for CADTH and flexible to future trade marketing activations. In their branded elements we used their shapes and patterns to bring their values of dimensional thinking and forward progress to life. The visual identity reflected their approachability, educational nature, for an energetic yet credible brand presence.


In addition to the visual identity, we designed a comprehensive range of branded assets for the CADTH symposium. This included print assets such as signage, floor pads, door wraps, and table toppers that enhanced the event's environment.

Our team also created in-hand materials like pop-up banners and name tags, ensuring consistent branding throughout the symposium. Our agility meant seamless efficiency for the CADTH team, as our experience in high-volume print execution allows us to adhere to tight production schedules and anticipate challenges before they arise.

BOLD LIP are designers through and through. They bring a creative energy and enthusiasm that is refreshing and fun to work with.

Chris Mantil
Graphic Designer, CADTH