empowering parents to protect their kids on the job.

Young people are four times more likely to get injured in their first month on the job.

We partnered with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services on their "First Job Safe Job" initiative to empower parents and guardians of young people entering the workforce. We crafted branding and resources that were approachable and authoritative and offered information to support meaningful conversations about workplace safety.


Our approach centered on the development of a brand tone and visual style that conveyed trustworthiness, passion, and approachability. We introduced illustration to offer at-a-glance apparel, and leveraged the vibrant secondary and tertiary tones from the existing Workplace Safety + Protection Services colour palette to maintain brand cohesion.


Careful consideration for functionality makes these infographics shine across digital and print mediums. Each infographic was tailored to be used independently or as part of a series, providing versatility in marketing the initiative. For digital purposes, we designed carousel infographics suitable for platforms such as Instagram, where users could swipe through the content. Simultaneously, we created one-pager versions for easy distribution in printable formats or as downloadable resources.


We streamlined the content provided by Workplace Safety + Protection Services, focusing on legibility and impact. By condensing long-form content into digestible infographics designed for social media circulation, the important messages could reach a broader audience more effectively.

We are thrilled with how this project turned out. Thank you, BOLD LIP, for helping us turn our vision into a reality. Together, we will improve the health and safety of young workers in Ontario!

Stephany Babson
Communications Manager, Workplace Safety & Protection Services