designing a path for Canadian mentors

Resources empowering Canadian entrepreneurs and mentors

As a new organization, MindFrame Connect needed assistance with brand and graphic design to effectively communicate their value to aspiring mentors and mentees. We brought this to life across clean, ownable brand assets that showcase their innovative approach to mentorship.


We built on the existing MindFrame Connect brand colours and logo to craft a credible yet modern brand identity. We introduced additional colours that complement their system, particularly for data presentation. We also explored typography options to find a balance between professionalism and playfulness. The resulting visual identity captures the essence of MindFrame Connect, conveying their approachability, expertise, and thought leadership.


MindFrame Connect needed appealing asset templates that showcase their insights and achievements to attract funders and partners. We designed captivating reports with carefully curated royalty-free photos, incorporating testimonials and participant survey data as impactful marketing moments. Additionally, we created a comprehensive PowerPoint template to maintain consistency in all their communications. The design elements we implemented reflect the brand's personality and create a distinctive, visually engaging experience for its audience.

BOLD LIP exceeded our expectations in crafting the final reports for MindFrame Connect. Their attention to detail, coupled with their exceptional design and presentation, clearly showcased our program and its results in a concise and professional manner. We couldn't be happier with the final product, and we highly recommend their expertise.

Natalie McMullin
Communications Manager, MindFrame Connect