cracking open a bubbly new brand system

This award-winning tourist destination added a cidery to their operations.

We provided a visual and naming system that can grow with them, and some truly touching concepts that brought their values to life. With our help, the first flavour was so successful they launched six more!


We needed a visual language that captured all the relaxed, approachable-yet-intentional vibes that you get with a visit to the farm. Our team came back with a scalable visual identity that could support the release of future flavours.


Cider branding has a tendency to lean in a hyper-feminine, soft and cottage-core direction. To stand out, we came back with a bold, bright, gender neutral selection of illustrations and colours. The resulting cans are a perfect reflection of the fiercely fun atmosphere on-site.

Since then, we’ve supported their limited runs, including holiday activations, an anniversary selection and a 0% alcohol offering. With each new ask, we’ve adapted the design and copy to suit the occasion.


We prioritized simplicity and immediacy of understanding with the launch of the initial cans and flavours. Later on, Saunders Cider released some anniversary bottles and flavours, looking for an elevated look and feel. We came back with names that spoke to the love and welcome felt by everyone who visits. The resulting copy supports the elegant labels, and imbues a celebratory, toast-worthy vibe.

BOLD LIP has provided exceptional service and inspiration as we expand and grow our new Cider company and established Farm attraction.

Mark Saunders
Owner, Saunders Farm