thinking big, delivering local

Connecting small business to local couriers, and untapped customers.

Trexity is a platform enabling businesses to provide delivery to their customers, and offering competitive rates to local couriers. We supported their expansion into new markets through a streamlined brand and site.


With a bright colour palette and defined messaging objectives already on the go, Trexity needed to bring their visual brand to the next level. We set some usage guidelines around their colours, and tweaked them slightly for accessibility.

We added graphic elements of playful shapes, arrows and emojis to establish them as a youthful, fun and fast-moving brand.


Trexity site serves two audiences with very different needs: the business owners who engage them, and the couriers who deliver for them. We designed a site that clearly delineates both journeys and addresses their different experiences of the app.

We used emojis as iconography, helping the scannability of the pages. The resulting design is visually exciting, and user-friendly.

‘Meaningful collaboration’ best describes our experience with BOLD LIP. They listened when required, they led when needed, and in the end they helped us to redefine our entire brand and content strategy.

Rod Zylstra
VP Marketing & Brand, Trexity